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The Real Afghanistan: A Country of Hope

For much of the world, Afghanistan is a violent country of mines, drought, and poppies. That's what makes headlines, but that's not the whole story - that's not the real Afghanistan.

The real Afghanistan is an awakening country of courageous people. Their desire is simply to feed and educate their children, earn a living, and respect the laws of Islam.

The real Afghanistan is a mountainous country of immense beauty with intense deserts and wide open sky. Snow falls heavily in the higher elevations ready to provide water to farmland that now stands fallow and waiting.

The real Afghanistan is a country of hope, striving to rebuild itself after more than two decades of war. As its fledgling democracy takes root, Afghanistan is slowly regaining strength.

After September 11, 2001 and with the fall of Taliban rule, new freedom for the Afghan people has opened a window of opportunity for improvement. The real Afghanistan is calling for moderation and democracy now, but significant progress, such as the recent parliamentary election, needs to continue.

An Awakening Country of Courageous People

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IFHope: Partnering with the People of Afghanistan

The International Foundation of Hope (IFHope) is a US based Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that recognizes and values the tremendous potential of the people of Afghanistan. IFHope has been in Afghanistan since 1998 working in three interrelated areas: economic development, community empowerment, and education.