Hold a

Katie Day Good was one of the performers who donated their time to Afghanijam

Loyola University sophmore Jami Garton found a fun way to help the students of the Hope School. She asked a few musical friends to hold a benefit concert –Afghanijam!! An audience of about 80 raised enough money to buy a computer with monitor and a printer. "It was a lot of fun and we are already planning next year's event!" said Jami.

Good work, Jami!!

How You Can Help

The Hope School depends on private donations for support. Individual donors may earmark contributions for books, supplies or computers. Or a group of donors – a Giving Circle – might adopt a classroom for a year, perhaps underwriting the teacher's salary or providing a fund for student supplies and teaching aids.

Supporting the 620 students at the Hope School makes a direct and positive impact on hundreds of Afghan families and on the future of the country itself.

Make A Special Donation from The Hope School's Wish List

$400 - computer, monitor and printer
$250 - monthly salary for one teacher
$150 - one VHS/DVD player
$ 75 - ten student uniforms
$ 50 - school supplies for ten students
$ 50 - one month internet access for one computer
$ 25 - two English language children's books
$ 25 - two Dari language children's books
$ 25 - tools and plants for school vegetable and flower garden

Let The Hope School Staff Direct Your Contribution To The Most Immediate Need

Please Send your Donations to:

International Foundation of Hope
2452 Patterson Road Suite 303
PO Box 55264
Grand Junction, Colorado 81505-0264